How to pay e-invoice through Hal E-Bank?

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For all received E-invoices, you can prepare a payment order with a simple click and send it to the bank for execution. 

  1. Select the account.
  2. Select transaction type (E-invoice).
  3. Click on Review-> E-invoice.
  4. Select the E-invoice, for which you would like to create a payment order.
  5. Click on option Open.
  6. The window E-invoice Envelope opens.Select the command Create payment order.
  7. A window appears, with a notification of successful payment order creation, its location (Preparation-> orders) and account.

If the payment date in the E-invoice has expired, is incorrect or if it occurs on a non-working day, the payment date is set for the current date or for the first possible working day with a warning and a possibility to manually correct the payment date. In order to continue the process, select the type of transactions (Domestic payments), open folder Preparation > Orders and continue with sending the order according to the instructions in the Payments section " Plaćanje".

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