Export of e-invoices from Hal E-Bank in XML

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E-invoices are exported in XML file, which can be imported in other programs. Every E-invoice consists of envelope and attachments. When exporting, XML file represents the envelope and separately individual attachments. If you are exporting individual envelope with the eSlog E-invoice, the export result will be two separate XML files.  The first one will contain the envelope, while the other will contain the eSlog invoice. Prvi koverat biće u formi pripremljenoj od strane izdavaoca, a druga koverta će biti eSlog.

  1. Select the account.
  2. Select transaction type (E-invoice).
  3. Click on Review-> E-invoice
  4. Select E-invoice you wish to export.
  5. Click on option Export.
  6. In field “File name” specify the name of the file for exported E-invoice and click Save.

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