Upgrade Personal E-bank

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Please, before upgrading, close the application and backup directory Personal E-Bank (copy the entire folder Personal E-Bank from C:\Program Files\Halcom\ or C:\Program Files(x86)\Halcom\ to another location).

Step 1:

For Serbian market (version, download the installation file HERE.
For Montenegrin market (version17.3.0.41), download the installation file HERE.

Step 2:

Start the installation by double-clicking on "Personal.exe".

Step 3:

When a window opens with information that the program is already installed, click on Yes.

Step 4:

When the installation is loaded, in the window click on Next.

Step 5:

Click on Yes.

Step 6:

Select "Upgrade" and then click on Next.

Step 7:

Click on Next button and wait for the program to install.

Step 8:

Click on Finish.


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