How to activate a new certificate (smart card/USB key)

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In order for your computer to read Halcom certificates, you need to install the program Nexus Personal, which is used for reading Halcom certificates. If you have not yet installed Nexus Personal, installation and instructions can be downloaded HERE.

Also, you can see the entire user installation and activation clicking on these    Video instructions



Step 1:
Activation of the certificate implies a required change of PIN code. This is required only the first time.
After inserting the smart card into the card reader a question will show on your desktop asking you if you want to install this certificate.

Select Yes.



Step 2:
Then a window will show where you should click on Next.



Step 3:
In the first field (1) Enter the PIN code that you received with your new card.In the second field (2) enter a new PIN (possible length is 6 or 8 digits), and finally, in the third field (3) re-enter a new PIN.



Step 4:
In the last window just click on Finish.



By doing this you have successfully installed and activated your electronic certificate.

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