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  • Smart Card Readers - Drivers, Manuals, Ordering(4)
1. Drivers for smart card readers

You can download the appropriate driver from the table below. Type of driver that you need depends on the type of your card reader and your operating system.If you need a smart card reader, you can order HERE. Type of smart card readerOperating systemIDBridge…

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2. Instructions for installing a driver for the USB key

Insert the USB key into a free USB port on your computer and check if your operating system has recognized the device.In the event that your operating system does not recognize the USB key, drivers can be found HERE. On that page, at the top of the table,…

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3. Inserting a smart card in a USB key

You received a smart card with a chip and a USB key.Step 1:Snap off the card with a chip as shown in picture below. Step 2:Place a small card with a chip under the notch in the lid, as shown in the picture (make sure to do it properly).Step 3:Connect the…

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4. Which card reader should I use with a smart card? Where can I buy it?

To work with the smart card ONE FOR ALL you need a smart card reader, which is compatible with PC/SC standards . Smart card readers can be ordered from the supplier of smart cards (bank, Halcom) or you can buy them in the local computer store. Readers differ…

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