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1. Certificate export

Featured To export the certificate from the application, you need to have installed Hal E-Bank version 20 or higher.If not, you can upgrade the version of Hal E-Bank, following these INSTRUCTIONS.If you have a Hal E-Bank 20 or later, follow these steps:In top menu…

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2. How to transfer data from Personal E-bank to another computer

Featured When you are changing the computer or uninstalling Windows and you want to save your data from the Address book of customers and Archives of payment orders and traffic, you need to follow the steps below.Step 1:Close Personal E-Bank program.Step 2:Open the…

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3. How to install Personal E-Bank program (installation instructions for Hal E-Bank / Personal)?

Step 1:For Serbian market (version, download installation file HERE.For Montenegrin market (version, download installation file HERE.Step 2:Start the installation by double-clicking on "Personal.exe". Step 3:When loading is finished,…

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4. How to order a qualified electronic certificate

According to the Law on Accounting, large, medium and small enterprises are obligated to submit statistical and other reports for previous year to the Business Registers Agency, by the 31 March 2015. Reports should be submitted in electronic form, signed…

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5. Unblocking electronic certificate

The process of unblocking the electronic certificate depends on the date of issue of the certificate and whether the certificate is qualified or unqualified. On the card, you can see the date until which the certificate is valid. The validity of the certificate…

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